Have you always wondered if a mascot program would work
for your organization? Is your current mascot program ailing?
Are you looking for an integrated marketing solution? Is it hard
to find talented and safe performers? Does your mascot costume
always look unkempt and smell like it needs a bath?

If these are your mascot "pains" then you need to see how
The Mascot Doctor™ can help you back to perfect health.

"Dr. Dave" Raymond and his team of Mascot Healthcare Professionals have the knowledge and tools to get your team back in the game.
Guaranteed results or your money back!

WHat We Offer

Our expertise means that you'll be well on your way to
recovery in just a few simple steps. No matter how severe
your mascot's ailments may be, The Mascot Doctor™
is your guide on the road to recovery!

Mascot Doctor Appointment

The first step to recovery is realizing that you have a problem.
"Dr. Dave" will sit down with the key players in your program
and get to the heart of your issues. He'll test and assess
your program for every known risk factor, one at a time.
He won’t make you cough give you a shot - but he will
send you home with a low-cost prescription for Mascot Success!

Fur Rehabilitation

Send us your worn, tired and smelly costume and our fur experts will clean it like it has never been cleaned before! Once it has been cleaned we will inspect it inside and out, looking to prevent any problems before they occur. You then will get a "State of the Fur" report that will include recommended care and repair suggestions so you can keep your costume smelling great for months to come. Repairs will be quoted
directly during the cleaning to save you valuable resources
such as shipping costs and down time.

Performer Training

So, you've got a shiny new bill of health thanks to The Mascot Doctor™. Now it's time to get your talent ready for the big leagues!
Our Mascot Boot Camps™ are the perfect compliment to a visit
to the Doctor. Click here for more information.

Performer Identification

The Mascot Doctor™ is at the pulse of the mascot industry. No other specialist has a broader reach - allowing our team to search, find and deliver quality applicants based on the needs of your mascot program. Finding a performer is no easy task and even when you do find someone how oftenis it just some kid you found to fill the suit.

Let The Mascot Doctor help you find a qualified and talented performer who will bring your character to life and excite your fans. Nothing is more powerful than a message that entertains. Don't miss this opportunity to make a positive impact on your team or organization.

Mascot Intervention

Have you always thought a mascot program would be perfect for your marketing plan? Is your current mascot program just not driving the brand and revenue that it should? Does the rest of your organization recognize the value and power that your mascot program holds? If you are asking these questions then a Mascot Intervention maybe just what the Doctor ordered. "Dr. Dave" will facilitate a fun, entertaining and valuable meeting that will create alignment within your organization and will develop a mascot branding plan that will drive three to four times your investment in less than six months!