Let the fun begin! Now we take our research, organized in the assessment phase, and transform a simple mascot idea into a complete mascot branding plan. That plan starts with the design of a unique, identifiable, performer-friendly mascot. We work to develop not only the image of your mascot but aslo a recognizable personality that your target audiences will love. For clients with existing mascots, we design a transformation from mascot to character. We also imagine how effective a mascot COULD be and develop a plan for bringing it to life.

True mascot development doesn't end here. Many of our most creative mascot development concepts have nothing to do with costumes. The marketing ideas and unrecognized revenue generation opportunities that come from this stage open just as many eyes as the mascot's antics. Development of the mascot branding plan includes performer casting, organizational support, establishing performance elements, setting a costume timeline, and planning launch events. During this stage we imagine all the "what ifs?" We explore all the possibilities to ensure that your mascot branding plan provides serious success!

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